Grants Made by the Foundation

The Foundation makes grants to qualified charitable organizations that
address the following areas.

Health Care
Social / Human Services

The Foundation gives priority to projects that involve joint efforts of
multiple agencies.

The Foundation will make its grants in the following forms as appropriate
for the project proposal and the project time line. Be specific about the
form of grant you are requesting.

One-time grants, which are a single-year grant for a specific purpose.
Multiyear grants, which are commitments for funding to be paid in
increments over a period no longer than three years.
Challenge or matching grants (Note that grant proposals that have
matching funds available are given preference over proposals without
matching funds.  All capital projects in excess of $50,000 must have
other sources of funding to cover at least 50 percent of the project.)

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Grants That the Foundation Will Not Make

The Foundation will not make the following types of grants.  Any request
for funding for theses purposes will be denided:

Grants to individuals for any purpose;
Grants to religious organizations for religious purposes;
Grants to international organizations that do not have a qualified
domestic 501c(3) representative;
Grants to endowments or other discretionary funding pools;
Grants for dinners, balls, or other ticketed events;
Grants for political purposes;
Grants for lobbying activities;
Grants for purposes outside of the Foundation's funding priorities as
listed in the prior section
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Application Procedure